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SUNDAY 10th Feb. 2019.

14:00  - 17:00

Beautiful ​Off Axis 

 Volcada & Colgadas

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What’s Included:

Everybody reveres 'The Axis' in our beautiful dance - This workshop will teach you how to use the Axis to create beautiful and safe moves when going 'Off Axis' using both Colgada and Volcada to enhance your dance experience!


Structure of the Day:
2:00pm – Workshops Start
2:50pm – Break for Tea & Coffee
3:00pm – Workshop Continues
3:50pm – Break for Tea & Coffee
4:00pm - Workshop Continues
4:45pm – Short Session of Free Practice and to ask any
5:00pm – End

£30 Single Leader or Follower
£50 Couple (Leader & Follower)

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We recommend this workshop to Intermediate level dancers. If you are unsure, or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.Type your paragraph here.

What will I get from this workshop?
A solid foundation in Lead & Follow technique for  Off Axis moves, including Volcada & Colgada

Do I need a partner?
We need to balance numbers for the workshop. That is the point of pre booking so we can find partners for you. There will be a few taxi dancers available. 

I have been dancing for a while is this workshop for me?
If you feel that a lack of confidence in the foundations is holding you back and you find it difficult to progress to the next level then this is for you.

Facebook "going" is NOT a booking contact me direct / email Facebook PM or call 07850905301

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Please choose appropriately LEADER OR FOLLOWER. Upon successful booking you’ll receive  an Email confirmation from PayPal.

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