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Let us help you Celebrate ...

Birthdays or special milestones

Your friends, our hospitality! = Happy Happy Happy!  

FREE gifts when you bring your party to the milonga.

  • Your own VIP decorated table/s 
  • Bottle of something sparkly .. on me!
  • Birthday cake and candles (optional)
  • Birthday Vals (optional)

CONTACT Guy prior to the milonga!

email: or tel: 07850905301

To qualify for this fabulous experience all you have to do is

promote this event to your friends on facebook or email etc

Bring a minimum of 10 guests to celebrate at your table.

Non Tango friends welcome ... they can eat, drink, & party with you 

We kindly ask that you respect our 

Milonga Etiquette

  • All styles of tango are welcome
  • We encourage the Mirada & Cabeceo to request a dance.
  • When joining the floor, make eye contact with the leader of the approaching couple  and ACKNOWLEDGE EACH OTHER. If he does not see you, don't just barge in, WAIT!
  • ​Follow the line of dance no not weave in & out of the 2 lanes in use.
  • Keep in lane and do not hold up other dancers with inappropriate figures.  Keep Boleos & Ganchos appropriate to the floor conditions.
  • Please do not Teach or Practice during the milonga.
  • Leaders please escort followers off the floor to allow for the Cabeceo between Tandas.
  • Please refrain from promoting your commercial tango activities without our prior consent.
  • Individuals who persistently cause discomfort & anxiety to others will be asked to leave.​

If you are unfamiliar with any of these requests

Please have a quick chat with Guy or any of our regulars

​who will be delighted to help


due to too many events on this date. Watch this space  ...

Saturday 7th MAY

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The second of our New quarterly events - - Only £10


Friendly warm & welcoming evening suitable for all levels 

Professional sprung wooden dance floor

FREE snack buffet & Refreshments

FREE street parking

BYOB (Bring Your Own Booz)


MK Dance centre, 132 Newport Road, New Bradwell, Milton Keynes, MK13 0AA. 

Dance Style
Milonga MK Traditional GA Tango in Tandas & Cortinas, on lovely wooden sprung dance floor - With music from renowned International DJ Diego Doigneau.  Cabeceo friendly continuous lighting. Capacity 120 people.


FREE Street parking outside venue, on Church St. & Glyn St.
Feel free to call 
Guy on 07850905301

Photos may be taken at any of our classes & events for the purpose of public interest documentation & promotion.  If you wish not to be included you must inform the photographer at the time or contact me stating your preference and I will attempt to remove / alter any published photos. By attending any of our events you acknowledge and agree to this policy.

Entry Policy
The Management reserves the right to refuse entry.  Individuals who the management feel are causing discomfort & anxiety to others will be asked to leave.​​

Information above is correct at the time of publication but may change due to circumstance beyond our control.

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