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Argentine Dance Lessons & Events

SUNDAY 15th July 2018.

11:30 pm - 3:30 pm

NEW earlier time to support World Cup

Were you seduced by the Tango on Screen?

Do you wish to join a vibrant welcoming community?

Suitable for complete beginners, we will be covering the concepts of Tango. Embrace, Connection, Music and the steps to make  figures.

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MK Dance Centre
132 Newport Rd
New Bradwell
Milton Keynes MK13 0AA

Who is this for?
Are you new to tango; dipping your toe in the water for the first time?
Do you need a recap of the fundamentals to boost your confidence?
Open to all levels

Teaching Style
Tango Espresso ~ for those who like to immerse themselves in tango for the day not just a weekly drip feed. The essential basic elements for your Tango journey all in one day!

Partners not essential however pre booking is so I may balance numbers and find you a partner! To ensure personal attention this workshop is restricted to a small number of couples. 

Use the Facebook event to look for partners and see updates .. or just call me; 07850 905301

Singles - £25 
Couples - £40 
Pay online or At our Tuesday classes.

FREE parking to rear through arch or street.

Content Covering the 5 core elements of the Tango;

SELF ~ Posture ~ balance
PARTNER ~ Awareness connection
MUSICALITY ~ Basic structure
VOCABULARY~ Essential elements
ENVIRONMENT ~ Floor craft & etiquette 

What will I get from this workshop?
As a complete beginner you will gain the basic knowledge to start your journey usually 6 weeks' worth of group classes.

As a recent beginner you will consolidate some of your recent learning to move with confidence.

As an intermediate you will gain new confidence in your movement through a better understanding technique.

Do I need a partner?
We need to balance numbers for the workshop. That is the point of pre booking so we can find partners for you. There will be a few taxi dancers available. 

I have been dancing for a while is this workshop for me?
If you feel that a lack of confidence in the foundations is holding you back and you find it difficult to progress to the next level then this is for you.

Facebook "going" is NOT a booking contact me direct / email Facebook PM or call 07850905301

We are constantly planning new workshops & courses. Join our Mailing list for priority availability.


Attending Dancer/s
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Attending Dancer/s
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